Horse and Carriage for Weddings

Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters offer you the ultimate romantic experience; travelling to church on your wedding day in a 19th Century Landau pulled by a pair of matching horses.

Drawn by either white or black horses and driven by liveried coachmen (the Landau hoods can be down for you to enjoy your ride in an open carriage or closed at a moments notice in uncertain weather.)

Your special day as you always dreamed it, the epitome of elegance and traditional style, a horse drawn carriage is the only way to travel!


On your special day a wedding horse and carriage is the only way to travel.


How it all works

We are based in Southwest Essex and can accommodate weddings anywhere in the Home Counties and London, further a field by negotiation.
The horses are well used to heavy traffic, busy junctions and narrow roads so whether you live in central London or a small village in the countryside the horses will cope. They can take you up to a distance of eight miles round trip, but special arrangements can be made with a wedding car for longer distances; so don’t worry we can work round most logistical problems.
We will arrive at a pre-arranged setting up point in plenty of time to prepare the horses and carriage and will phone you to let you know that we are there.
You will be picked up from your door and taken leisurely in the up-most of style to church or your chosen place for the ceremony. When you and your guests come out, the horses will be waiting for photographs and a fuss! Don't worry – the horses don't mind waiting, we find a shady spot and they catch a quick 40 winks while you tie the knot. Then when you’re ready a liveried footman will open the door to your carriage, you hop in and wave goodbye, as we whisk you away to the reception.

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