Horse and Carriage for Weddings

When you think of the ultimate romantic experience what immediately comes in mind is Cinderella! Why go for lesser options and always have the feeling of an ‘almost’-perfect wedding day when you have your fairy godmother (Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters in this case)? Imagine going to church on “The Day”, all dolled up in a 19th Century Landau and to top it and make it more majestic the cart is being drawn by matching animals! Yes, this can be your dream day experience for real all you need is to get a horse and carriage wedding!

Carriage for Weddings

You get to choose whether you want the horses to be white or black and to complete the perfect picture, we provide liveried coachmen to drive the coach! We also have you covered when it comes to enjoying the scenery as a royal would since the Landau hood can be brought down and you can experience the weather. If the weather is not cooperating, you can always get it up and be the dignified blushing bride/groom inside the cart.


On your special day a wedding horse and carriage is the only way to travel.


How your horse and carriage wedding works

In case, you are wondering where Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters is awaiting to serve you, we are based is Southwest Essex but we can attend to marriage events in other areas as well, including London to even further. We have no problem to go beyond our normal range since our aim is for you to get the best wedding horse and carriage experience ever on this special day. No need to worry whether the horses will be troubled by heavy traffic, narrow roads, and busy junctions.

Let us take these worries away because we take care of the logistics and our years of horse and carriage hire for weddings experience will enable us to navigate fluidly around a small village situated in the countryside and Central London with equal ease. Our steeds can go a round trip of eight miles but we do have special arrangements for bridal cars when it is beyond the eight miles so get in touch with us now for horse and carriage for weddings!

The way we organise the logistics is very accommodating for any event. We usually arrive at a pre-arranged point to prepare the stallions with a head start then pick you up like a royal at your doorstep and drive you leisurely to your desired location. While you say “yes!” to each other, our horses are pampered (fed & power-nap!) so that we are all ready for you to come out as husband and wife. Our liveried footman will then open your carriage door to whisk you away to party at your reception. You can even wave like king and queen to your fellow guests. Live your dream with Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters by getting your own horse and carriage hire for weddings!

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