Do You Want Carriage Coachman Training

Carriage driving is not a needed skill nowadays as carriages are not as popular as they used to be. However, as a hobby and leisure pursuit, this is still a skill. Horse carriage driving skills are fun to acquire and there are competitions, often hold the local horse driving club or national and international competitions for more serious people. However, this skill is not completely useless as carriages are often hired by people occasionally and if you love this, you can make it a profession. In fact, wedding and funeral horse and carriage prices are climbing steeply nowadays. One can also offer a ride to the public on horse-drawn carriage for a premium payment.

Lessons are available for beginners to more serious and advanced coachman, from a single horse carriage to a stagecoach, involving pair, team or tandem horses. These courses encompass driving trials, private driving and pleasure driving skills.

The courses can be as short as a couple of weeks to the more advanced courses running over multiple months. However, due to the physical nature of this course, we would always recommend that you never ignore safety precautions and learn under experienced trainers only.

Horse carriage driving is a fun, entertaining and money-making skill. While taking your special someone on a romantic and nostalgic ride is an option, becoming a professional coachman is an uncommon career option. If you can master this skill, a few opportunities will come knocking at your door.

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