Asian Weddings

Asian wedding in UK are different. The tradition, the rituals, the events, the decorations and the feel, everything is different from a western, Christian wedding. However, the need of horses and carriage is still there and nothing beats the groom arriving on a white horse.

Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters provide well-trained white horses for Asian weddings in UK, accompanied by experienced handlers. These horses are well groomed to look the perfect carrier for the special day. They add to the glamour of the wedding day dress of aristocratic sherwani, pagdi and would make special impressions when the groom arrives in grand and royal style.

Asian Weddings London, UK

Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters are providing safe and trained horses and carriage for various purposes for a long time now and we certainly know our way with horses. We can easily arrange carriage and horses for Asian weddings in the UK, London and neighbouring areas.

Additionally, you can hire our horse-drawn carriage to take the new wife home from the venue. Fully covered, these carriages are perfect for the first journey together. These carriages are drawn by experienced coachmans in matching attire who would make you feel what you are that day, a King and Queen!

Our services are rather inexpensive and well within the limit of affordability. You would be surprised how easily you can add extra and pure desi glamour to your wedding. Contact us today to book for your day in advance.

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